The cancellation protection for your toll product

Vehicle change necessary, trip postponed or cancelled? No problem! With our cancellation protection we offer you complete flexibility until your trip.

Especially due to the Corona Pandemic, travel is complicated by unexpected illness or travel restrictions. With our recommended Cancellation Protection, you can prepare for your trip without any worries and, in case of emergency, cancel or make changes on your own up to 30 minutes before departure.  

What does cancellation protection offer you?
- Full flexibility: Adjust the license plates and your travel period as often as you like.
- No financial risk: You can cancel independently at any time and receive an automated refund of the toll product price within the shortest possible time.

If you want to start your journey as planned, we will take care of the registration of your license plates in time for the start of your journey. As proof, you will receive a registration confirmation from us by e-mail. If for some reason you do not receive this confirmation, there may have been a problem with the registration of your license plates. You may not drive off without receiving the registration confirmation. In this case, please contact our customer support, we will help you promptly!